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Machine Learning Platform

Current Technology trends in Artificial Intelligence has caused a revolution in how most companies perform their operations. One of these major trends is the use of Big Data and Machine Learning to make informed decisions and mitigate various sector specific risks. Without the headache of huge initial investments, lack of skilled resourses etc SNWOLLEY simplifies the ML- process and allows you to focus on your core job.

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Local Virtual Assistant

Maame can be used as a virtual helpdesk that will serve as a first hand support to all individuals who would like to make enquiries of your business. She can also act as your personal virtual assistant and serve your client 24/7 without rest. She can also be personalized marketer and can be trained to assist in every area of your business

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SMS & Email

Deywuro; Web and Mobile App, is a convenient messaging platform that allows for email and sms broadcast with reporting to confirm how your campaigns are faring. In cases where you would need to send out voice messages in the various dialects to maximise inclusion, we would be there to assist. Additionally, we can help you with the collection of data to do that advertisement on your product and services.

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Enterprise Resource Planner

Forget using multiple applications to run the operations of your company. Kedebah is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Manager (ERP) that handles all aspect of your company’s operational processes.. With Modules like HRM, PAYROLL, FINANCE, PROJECTS, ISSUE TRACKER, TIME MANAGEMENT. Kedebah resources you for quick and efficient decision making. Its mobility enables you have access to the pulse of your company where ever you are.

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Revenue Collection Platform

As a Revenue Collection Application, Karibi is set up to provide convenience in the collection of data and revenue on the field. Karibi affords client transactional visibility, various payment option and addresses reconciliation challenges for both service providers and their clients. Karibi has a client facing interface that gives client the opportunity to view their statement and make payment through the various mobile payment options.

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Church Management Platform

Genesys is designed to integrate the disparate church processes of MEMBER MANAGEMENT, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, GROUP MANAGEMENT, CHURCH CALENDAR AND EVENT MANAGEMENT. Members of the church have an option of updating their profile as well as book appointments using the mobile app feature. Genesys provides secure access to your church information as it brings you closer to your congregation.

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School Management Platform

There’s no need to use multiple applications or systems to manage your school operations and academic calendar. Convenience is not illusive with Nyimdzie your go to school management software. Nyimdzie gives to you an enterprise solution. Set up your school operations with ease and improve efficiency.

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