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Trends that matter, Technology that redefines. We provide custom made solutions for your unique operational challenges. Call us or send an email to marketing@npontu.com and Let’s plan your business technology together..

Who We Are

Npontu Technologies Ltd was officially registered as a body corporate on 8th November 2016. Our values are well ....

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What We Do

We are a technology firm that specializes in three main areas, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,....

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Our Success

Our vision is to make our clients free to achieve, and we do this by using automation and data analytics to....

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Our Passion is fuelled by our vision to keep you focused on your core work whilst delivering for your use technologies that matter.

We do this through added services like:

  • Technology advisory
  • AI consulting
  • API development
  • 3rd party integration
How We Work

Our Services

Under our three main service umbrellas; Big data & Machine Learning. Software and Mobile Apps and Value-Added Service. We provide you with relevant solutions to maximise you business operations.

AI and Big Data

AI systems have the potential for transformative impact across all departments and aspects of the organisation for substantial innovation and economic growth. This Roadmap articulates AI benefits in several specific areas.

Platforms and App Development

We deploy bespoke applications set up to automate the operational processes of our customers. Whether software or mobile apps, solutions are built using relevant technology that considers data size, and data processing speed and leaves room for further scaling up by the client when ever necessary.

Value Added Service

Maximise the productivity of your applications and customer engagement by integrating value added services like automated SMS and Emails, USSD services, Payment Integration. Social Media Engagement and sentiment analysis.

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