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Who We Are

We are a technology firm that specialises in four main areas; Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Platform and
App Development...

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Our Successes

We are a leading technology force working with The World Bank, the Ministry of Comms. & Digitalisation, the Ministry of Education, for positive social impact ...

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What We Do

From IT Consultancy and Managed Services to Big Data and AI to Platform and App Developmen and Value
Added Services ...

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Our Services

Al &
Big Data

Harness the transformative capabilities of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Our services in this domain enable you to extract valuable insights, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in today's data-driven world. Discover how we leverage advanced technology to drive growth and innovation for your organization.

Platforms &
App Development

We deploy bespoke applications set up to automate the operational processes of our customers. Whether software or mobile apps, solutions are built using relevant technology that considers data size, and data processing speed and leaves room for further scaling up by the client when ever necessary.

Value Added

Maximise the productivity of your applications and customer engagement by integrating value added services like automated SMS and Emails, USSD services, Payment Integration, Social Media Engagement and sentiment analysis.

IT Consultancy
& Managed Services

Npontu's IT consultancy services provide strategic guidance and expert advice to help your organization navigate the complex technology landscape. We understand that every organization is different, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

The Npontu Benefit

Our dedication is rooted in our goal to assist you in maintaining your focus on your core responsibilities, while also delivering valuable and pertinent technologies for your utilization.

We do this through added services like:
  • Helping you innovate and stay ahead of the curve
  • Consistent customer support around the clock
  • Technology Advisory Services
  • Helping you meet your business objectives and timelines


Hear It From Our Clients

  • Dr. Humphrey Kwesi Ayim-Darke

    AGI President

    As President of the Association of Ghana Industries, I can confidently say Npontu Technologies has been a game-changer. Since we partnered with them on embarking on a digitisation agenda, thus, deploying the Kedebah Enterprise Resource planning for our member companies across the nation. Their solutions are not just effective, they are tailored to meet our specific needs. But what truly sets them apart is the commitment and dedication of the team in making feel everything you can think of is possible. They are a group of passionate Ghanaians who genuinely care about our success. They have become trusted partners, and I can't recommend them highly enough..

  • Adadevoh Selorm

    Former CEO of MTN Ghana

    Npontu Technologies has been a steadfast partner for MTN Ghana since our very first AGM. Over the years, we've enjoyed a journey of continuous improvement in technological solutions for our AGMs. Your team has consistently impressed us, not only with the technological expertise you deliver but also with the professionalism and dedication of your management staff. You truly stand out, and I extend my best wishes for your continued success..

  • Sheikh Tijan Jobe

    Chief Operating Officer,West Africa-Standard Chartered

    Your delivery have been very good. I am very proud we worked with your company.As a digital bank we have several solutions we can use in serving our people. But specialization and out-sourcing is the way to go. Business is about partnerships. One cannot do everything and be everything.Value would be lost..

  • Ziobeieton Yeo

    MD at Fanmilk

    I have had the priviledge to experience many solutions in different countries since the covid19 pandemic. The virtual application built to facilitate our AGM and enable real-time voting is absolutely spot on.Great technical solution combined with a solid team managing the process lead to a flawless AGM.Well done..