Our History

Npontu Technologies Ltd was officially registered as a body corporate on 8th November 2016. We are a technology firm that specializes in three main areas, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Software and Mobile App development, and Value- Added Services.

Our vision is to make our clients free to achieve, and we do this by using automation and data analytics to optimize the performance of all platforms crafted to suit the specific needs for our clients

It is without a doubt that technology is a driver of change, whether micro, small, medium or enterprise, technology must be accessible by all. Cost should not be a deterrent

Stephane Nwolley, CEO

Our agility in deployment makes us adaptable to the customers changing needs.


Our Culture

Our values are well communicated by the Adinkra symbols

“Hwemudua”, “Nkonsonkonson” and “Nkyimkyim,”

which stand for “Service”, “Innovation” and “Teamspirit” respectively

Service represents our agility, speed and commitment to quality in all our work. Innovation refers to our ability to challenge the status quo whilst continuously improving to deliver beyond expectations. Team spirit is our deliberate attitude in carrying others along knowing that we are a part of the whole.

We strive each day to ensure that these are not just words but the spirit and nature of Npontu.


Making our customers free to achieve


To create leaders and to be a leading technology provider in Africa by orienting mindsets and creating platforms that maximize the use of automation and Data Analytics for optimum performance of both company and human resource








Npontu is directed by a seasoned board of Directors led by Mr. Anthony Boateng.


Npontu Technologies Ltd is managed by a vibrant team of professionals led by Dr. Stephane Nwolley Jnr.


Dr. Stephane Nwolley


Team Deborah

Deborah Asmah


Team Anita

Anita Mensah

Snr. Manager, H.R. and Compliance

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy Statements

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy Statement (ISO: 27001)
Npontu Technologies Limited (Npontu) is committed to ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of its information assets while complying with all legal, regulatory and statutory requirements and to continually improve on the ISMS.

Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) Policy Statement (ISO: 22301)
Npontu Technologies limited (Npontu) is committed to implementing a structured BCMS appropriate for its critical operations and assets, ensuring the company's continuous operation in the event of adverse incidents and disasters and to continually improve the BCMS.