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Npontu Technologies partners UCC to equip students

Npontu Technologies Ltd has partnered with the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Business School to help bridge the gap between industry and academia. Under the partnership, students of UCC Business School would be offered hands-on practical experience that would help equip them for the job market. This hands-on experience will allow students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world projects, gaining valuable insights and practical skills…

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Our Story (Timeline)


Central University Donation

Due to our unwaning dedication to supporting education, we recently sponsored the Award for Recipient of Best Student in Information Technology at Central University in our quest to empower the future generations through education. Through this sponsorship, many students were impacted, being empowered to strive ahead in their educational pursuit. We remain grateful for the opportunity to serve in this manner, and continue to seek ways to serve our communities by empowering education.

MTN Digital Skills Launch

We participated in the MTN Digital Skills Launch, an initiative aimed at empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the digital age. By partnering with MTN, we were able to foster improvement in digital literacy, driving positive change.


Npontu Undergraduate Scholarship program

We recently put in place the Npontu Scholarship program, where we empower Brilliant but needy students offering Undergraduate Programs in Universities within the Country to excel in technology. By supporting initiatives such as these, we aim to make a meaningful impact on education and contribute to the growth of future leaders in the Tech industry. Together, we're shaping a brighter tomorrow, one scholarship at a time.


MTN School Community Service

We recently participated in the MTN School Community Service initiative, demonstrating our commitment to education and social responsibility. By actively engaging with schools in the Dansoman environs, we were able to come into contact with the very generation we seek to empower. It was an inspiring moment for us; we came into close contact with the future.

Jubilare Choir Widows Visit

We visited a Widow's home, where we were touched by the warmth of resilience and the power of human connection. Moments like these have inspired us to continue our dedication not only to innovation but also to the well-being of our community and such society-disadvantaged. Because for us, true success lies in the hearts we touch and the lives we enrich.


Jubilare Choir Donation to Children with Cerebral Palsy

We had the privilege of visiting Children with Cerebal Palsy where they donated essential items. It was a heartwarming experience to contribute to the well-being of such children. Even through our choir group we continue to seek new avenues to bless the people around us. It’s not just an act of service, it is who we are.


Elmhurst Independence Nurs/ Pri School

At Elhurst in Dansoman, we had the opportunity to teach the students using some educative apps and games. This knowledge was transferred to the teachers, in other enhance their teaching methods. It was a rewarding experience to engage with the students and contribute to their learning in a fun and innovative way. We're grateful for the chance to support schools and communities, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to inspire and empower the next generation.

MTN – Npontu CSR Partnership

We believe in more than just innovation; we're dedicated to giving back to our community. Amidst the Christmas festivities, we set out to spread joy whilst promoting education. We embarked on a community-based project, where we did giveaway events to Key selected schools; giving away a laptop at one of these events. We were privileged to partner with MTN to touch hearts and change lives, spreading joy whilst throwing light on the need for quality education.


GTUC Sponsorship

At Npontu Technologies, our mission is to empower students to excel in the field of technology. We had the opportunity to sponsor Ghana Technical University College, partnering with the college allows us to provide invaluable support to students, enabling them to thrive in the world of technology.