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Since our inception in 2016, Npontu has been and still is on a journey towards excellence. This journey has necessitated for us to strive for and attaining certain milestones, with ISO certifications being one of such major feats.


Staying true to our commitment to providing customers with exceptional Technology solutions, we are excited to share with you the news of our double certification: ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS) and & ISO 22301:2019 (BCM) which is a validation of our efforts and achievements in the quest towards excellence.


Our ISO journey began with an internal recognition of the importance of implementing robust and comprehensive information security practices, including risk assessments, security controls, and incident management procedures that would enable us to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.  We understood that customer confidence is reliant on ensuring the sustainability of our services and our ability to continue critical business operations during any disruptive events or incidents.


Attaining certification was no walk in the park. It took several months of hard work, commitment, and a rigorous audit by the team at ExcelNovate. Finally, after 2 years of putting in the work, the rewards of our commitment are now very satisfying, as we received the certification from the awarding body: MSECB.

The steps towards certification have taught us a great deal about our processes and procedures, helping us to identify for redress areas of improvement. It has also forced all of our business units to review their strategies to mitigate risks that may be dilapidating to our business continuity. We are left very conscious that ISO certification is not just about ticking some check boxes but rather ensuring the instilling of a culture of awareness, security, and a high sense of responsibility towards those that rely on us for technology solutions for our business.


As a technology company focused on the provision of AI Solutions, Software and Mobile App Services as well as Value-Added Services (SMS & USSD) and Technology Consulting, we know we must strive to be abreast of the latest technology trends and maintain the highest of standards. This is, therefore, just the beginning!


Verify Npontu’s certification at: https://www.iafcertsearch.org/